What time should I arrive?
It is best if you arrive between 10:00am-11:00am, that will allow you time to set your bed and settle down.
Can I be late?
The event starts at 12:00pm with opening ceremony around Sacred Fire, everyone must be there at that time.
Can I leave earlier?
It is highly recommended to stay until the end of the retreat, the earliest you may leave is on Monday very early morning.
What is included in the price ?
The price includes: training, accommodation, meals, gifts.
Is the retreat suitable for me if I haven't practiced anything before?
The retreat will be effective and will help you even if you don't know the theory and haven't practiced anything before.
Can I use my phone?
All the phones, computers, and gadgets have to be handed over to one of our crew members for the duration of the retreat.
Please take care of all the issues that might appear during the retreat.

I have injuries, medical limitations or on a special diet. Can I attend?
You should inform us about diets, injuries, and other medical conditions in advance before starting the retreat.
This way, the instructors will already be aware of your health status and, if necessary, will give you all the necessary recommendations.

Why are there restrictions before the retreat?
For a deeper immersion in the practice, it is necessary to switch to the stillness mode.
This means no listening to music, watching movies, entertaining videos, reading books, having sex, or overeating.
As well as everything that excites your mental activity or that you use to escape from inner work or emptiness.
The stillness mode will allow you to accumulate internal energy, which will help you to understand your nature and realize your potential much quicker.

Why switch to a vegan diet?
Since 75-80% of the energy we have is spent on digesting food, we can help our body get rid of accumulated stress by switching to a plant-based diet.
This diet requires less energy to digest food. It means that your body-mind will cleanse and recover faster.

Why exclude the use of alcohol and tobacco?
During the retreat, the nervous system is cleansed of accumulated tension and the programs of the mind.
This is already quite a serious load on the body.
And if you combine practice with taking alcohol or any other psychotropic substances, you risk seriously harming your health.

What to bring with me?
Two towels, yoga mat, warm and cool clothing, headlamp, watch, notebook and pen and extra blanket.
If you staying in bunkhouse you must bring your own bedding sheets, pillow and blanket or just a sleeping bag.