A N   A W A K E N I N G



MAY 19-23


Yoga Practice


An awakening retreat is a space especially created for intense internal changes. We will start powerful natural processes of purification 

and for some, a deeper awakening of consciousness. 

This process of specially designed system of practices will allow you 

to get a personal experience of being in the deep present moment 

and change the perception of reality all together.

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Our Guest

World of Awakening™

A global community of people, who live consciously, in harmony with themselves, other people, nature
and universal laws. 

These are people who put their efforts together
to make the world a better place. This transformation starts with inner change by taking full responsibility for your own life and surroundings. We teach and learn how to
change ourselves and transform the world around us throughout these changes.

We developed a series of exclusive practices
with awakened instructors to bring practical knowledge to people worldwide.  

In these practices, we give tools 
such as meditation, concentration, healthy mindset
and others. We teach people how to apply these tools in everyday life while remaining in a different state of consciousness. Thus, we build a community
of like-minded people who walk together
through this journey.


Crystal Ball

Our Goal

Our goal IS your Awakening

If you have a genuine desire to discover who you are, why you came to this world 
and how to live a happy life, then this is the place for you.

However, we won’t lie to you and say that this is easy work.
It requires genuine effort and the willingness to transform yourself.

Sat on the Rocks

Location and Lodging

Harrison Serenity Ranch

Palomar Mountain, CA

Glamping Tents, Bunkhouse Beds, Camping Sites

A mountain peak of sixty-seven acres of Sacred Land with stunning views 
and unique wildlife


Russian & Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Campfire Meditation & Drum Circle

Nail Standing Experience


Optimized Vegan Menu

Yoga & Nature Walks

Laughter & Intuitive Therapy

Medicine Songs & Soundhealing

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Group and individual Meditation Practices

Techniques increasing Self-Awareness

Special set of Physical Exercises

Practices focused on Unity

Mindfulness Workshops

Powerful Breathwork

Energy Work