01 Stillness Mode

The retreat introduces a total stillness mode. There's no access to computers and phones, with the daily routine scheduled by the minute.

This helps to focus 100% of your attention on the practice, allowing to immerse deeply into the presence.

02 Inner Transformation

A retreat is a unique and powerful tool for achieving remarkable internal transformations. Nowadays the most popular spiritual practices are in the format of vipassana and various yoga tours, but the retreat in its pure form has the most powerful effect.

03 Not an entertainment

The retreat is continuous work of liberation from the negative programs of the subconscious mind. You need to be focused and determined.

04 Expansion of perception

The practices liberate a great deal of the attention and energy that would normally be fixed on worries and analysis. Thus the sensations in the body become brighter, colors become more vivid, sounds are more spacious, etc.

05 Teamwork

The united intention of all participants creates the synergy effect of the team, which accelerates the transformation of the participants many times.

06 Unleashing the Potential

The destiny of every human being is to discover the limitless potential of our abilities that are given to us by Nature. While the mind is quiet, it is possible to look deep within yourself and get to connect with this power.



You must have comfortable clothes for exercise and a notebook with a pen


Follow the daily routine and follow all the recommendations of the instructors


Be ready for internal discipline and inner work


Exclude the use of alcohol and cigarettes at least 5 days before the retreat, during, and 5 days after it


Meals are only on schedule


Switch to a vegan diet at least 5 days before the retreat, during, and 5 days after it


Comply with the silence mode (no listening to music, watching movies and videos, reading books, intimate relationships) at least 5 days before the retreat, during, and 5 days after it


Pre-registration for the retreat is required


*Violation of these terms, or failure to follow the instructions of the instructor, may result in suspension from further training without compensation of monetary or other claims